As we welcome 2023, we asked our associates what they are looking forward to in the year ahead. We share a sampling of their responses in this week’s DIVE In blog. What are you looking forward to? Share with us on social!

I’m setting up a goal to make self-care a priority, and to regularly show up for myself. That could mean honouring that my body is craving a donut, or that I feel like I need to dance after sitting at the desk too long, or that I’m feeling touched out and need some space to myself (the mum guilt is real!).Maddi Cook, EMEA

Simply put….whatever comes my way I plan on riding the wave with confidence, humility, and gratefulness. The welcome challenges for the New Year will be to put myself in uncomfortable situations in order to learn and continue to grow. Kelly Campos, NA

Mindfulness, to begin with. If When I get this right, I am sure all my other resolutions will be achieved too.Shrihari “Shree” Pandula, APAC

I have two big goals for myself in 2023! My personal goal is to start jogging again! I haven’t jogged since I got pregnant back in 2020. My dad and I are doing Pat’s Run in April and I’d love to be able to jog a portion of that!

My professional goal is to learn more! I’ve been with Blue Yonder in my role since August 2022 and I’ve already learned so much as a security professional. This year I hope to increase my knowledge of the cybersecurity industry by taking courses to gain certifications, but I also want to learn more about individual departments and how I can contribute to their success!Nadia Hernandez, NA

I am excited for 2023 as I am embarking on some volunteer work in my local community. Working with the Link Visiting Scheme in Wokingham, I will be assigned to a Link Friend – someone elderly and lonely – within the community and commit to spending time with them to reduce loneliness through friendship and encourage them to feel they are still part of the community. I am so looking forward to using my mental health awareness and empathy to support those in need and create meaningful relationships with others. Hannah Eales, EMEA

I plan to have 2023 be the year of health and wellness in all aspects, physical and mental. I look forward to setting new goals and accomplishing new challenges. I also plan to travel more with my family! My mother recently got clearance from her Stage 4 cancer diagnosis, so I eagerly await the opportunity to travel with her, my father, and my not-so-little sister (who just turned 21). Professionally, I look forward to expanding Blue Yonder’s social efforts with new strategies, learnings, and practices! As such a unique company, we should take the time to teach others about our innovative products/services and diverse culture.Jamie Sheldon, NA

Firstly, I will ensure that I support and enable growth in all the people I will have the privilege to interact with during my professional journey this year. I will be more open-minded and ask my colleagues, regardless of their position, how I can help them. Moreover, I want to deliberately create time for mentorship and pass down the skills, values, and competencies I have garnered over the years.

Additionally, 2023 will be a year for me to give back to society, especially to my profession. I will also deliberately choose to balance work challenges with work support. I intend to pass down this value to my teammates and encourage them to embrace teamwork, as it ensures that a task is done outstandingly. This will lead to customer satisfaction and maximized sales while ensuring employee work satisfaction.Maysa Joudeh, EMEA

2022 has been a rollercoaster at best. Inflation, staffing and supply chain shortages, global instability. I am inspired by those that, despite all of these challenges, are achieving their life, business, sales, and health goals.

2023 won’t be easier either…so I am looking forward to achieving the results we want for our company, my team, my community, my family and myself.Dave Hamilton, NA

My new year’s resolution is to be more and more empathetic towards others.

My personal goals for 2023:

  • Travel to a new place
  • Lower my metabolic age

My professional goals for 2023:

  • 30% of my customers participating in co-marketing opportunities.Steve Mir, APAC

My hope for myself is to grow our family by adopting a child in 2023. My hope for the world is that the conflict in Ukraine ends with Ukraine maintaining whatever territory it had before the Russian invasion.Dan Berreth, NA