23 Jan 2021

Embracing the Ideals of MLK

In recognition of the life and work of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Americans this week were called to reflect on the ways in which each of us can work towards racial justice and equality. We strive to learn from history, including…


An Update on DIVE at Blue Yonder

In 2020, we saw a massive societal shift around the globe centered on equality and opportunity for all. Racial injustice, gender discrimination, workforce imbalances, deep-seated biases, stereotypes and misconceptions were at the forefront of many agendas. We reflected heavily in 2020 and committed ourselves to…


Fostering Opportunity

Having raised four children to adulthood in our previous lives – my husband and I have two children each –  the two of us often talked about “giving something back” and how we would like to foster children to help provide them with a good…