Robert Van De Kerkhof, CCO of Lenzing, sits down with JDA ICON reporter Sarah Barnes-Humphrey in episode five of an eight-part series featuring various industry leaders discussing the importance of digital transformation for their businesses. Van De Kerkhof explains that it’s a digital roadmap that has helped them take critical strides in their B2B efforts – including in supply chain and future B2C goals that they have. Collectively, Lenzing recognizes the challenges this all presents but also acknowledges the support JDA has delivered. Explore more from Van De Kerkhof in the video below.

Creating a roadmap that takes companies from where they are today to where they want to go is no easy task – but it’s an important journey to take. Lenzing’s Van De Kerkhof offers valuable insight on how collaborative efforts in working with JDA has helped Lenzing identify their roadmap vision and more importantly, laid the roadmap on how they plan to reach their goals.

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