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Cross Functional Planning as a Way of (Business) Life

Remember the good old days when planning was something you did once a quarter just to make sure your annual plans were still on track? We don’t live in that world anymore. Today’s complex, global, customer-driven world requires all companies to be agile and responsive to constantly changing customer demand, competition, disruptions and geopolitical events.…

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Finding the Value in Your Control Tower

Talking with supply chain leaders across the industry, it’s clear that supply chain control towers are being tasked with more and more functionality. It’s a natural evolution. After all, control towers collect and leverage large data sets from across the end-to-end supply chain. If data really is the new currency, there must be gold in…

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Takeaways from the Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit

Having just returned from the Gartner Supply Chain Planning Summit in Denver, I am energized about the state of our industry.  The quality of the content, the number of attendees, and the depth of perspectives all contributed to the buzz about the conference and the future of supply chain planning. The content at the Summit…

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Using the Past to Predict the Future with Spinnaker’s George Fowler

In the final episode of JDA’s Executive Exchange video series, JDA Icon Reporter Sarah Barnes-Humphrey interviews Spinnaker’s George Fowler on the value of digital transformation. As George explains, “understanding the past to predict the future” is a key asset in leveraging JDA’s technologies to power Spinnaker’s business. With innovation key to the future of their…

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Solving the Supply Planning Crisis

If your home was on fire, would you want firefighters to attempt to douse the flames with an old manual bucket line? Of course not. You would want them to use the most modern, effective equipment available. So why are you asking your supply planners to fight the fires of supply disruption with the manual…

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3 Factors That Are Driving Supply Chain Investments in a Q&A with Brian Higgins of KPMG [Video]

With transparency and speed to market both top drivers for investments when applying supply chain strategies to business operations, how do companies truly optimize their efforts and investments? And what may hold them back? Incisiv’s Gaurav Pant interviews Brian Higgins of KPMG who shares his thoughts about the insights revealed from the recent Digital Supply…

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What is Driving and Delaying Supply Chain Investments? [Video]

The future of the supply chain has some big investment drivers, but what are they? And what have they historically been? More importantly, how do companies apply them to keep their supply chains both effective and reactive… without creating delay? From applying predictive analytics to using IoT to avoid disruption, hear from JDA’s Fred Baumann…

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The Roadmap to Digital Transformation with Lenzing’s CCO [Video]

Robert Van De Kerkhof, CCO of Lenzing, sits down with JDA ICON reporter Sarah Barnes-Humphrey in episode five of an eight-part series featuring various industry leaders discussing the importance of digital transformation for their businesses. Van De Kerkhof explains that it’s a digital roadmap that has helped them take critical strides in their B2B efforts…

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Learn about blockchain

Everything You Need to Know About Blockchain Right Now

In my latest blog, I shared five jaw-dropping stats about counterfeit retail and how these fakers are creating some real trust issues between retailers and their consumers, and, retailers and manufacturers. I also shared some good news, an innovation called blockchain that’s about to start a revolution. This technology will reinforce consumer trust so dramatically…

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Retail trends for 2019

Welcome to 2019: 5 Retail Trends You Need to Know Now

It’s a new year and retail is moving faster—finally we’re seeing retailers looking in the right direction—up. A unified commerce environment, an on-demand marketplace, social media, growing competition and new technologies mean an evolution in the way we shop. Everything is changing – from pricing and planning the just right product assortments to forecasting demand…

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