Blue Yonder has 35 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) with 4,900+ members from over 1,400 companies that are committed to helping you get the most out of your investment in Blue Yonder solutions.  

Our mission is to foster an environment where active participation maximizes your company’s investment in Blue Yonder solutions and enables you to grow both personally and professionally through collaboration with other supply chain professionals.  

Each Special Interest Group Community is led by a customer-selected SIG Chair and a Blue Yonder SIG Manager. SIG Chairs are elected every two years and elections time is right around the corner!

Community leadership fosters a creative environment that inspires participation and helps develop sustainable and strong communities, like our SIGs. Being a SIG Chair is an opportunity to drive that engagement. Take advantage of the opportunity to become a recognized leader within online communities by running for a SIG Chair position. 

Interested in Becoming a SIG Chair

Here are some of the benefits of being a SIG Chair:

  • Build stronger professional relationships 
  • Develop leadership & communication skills
  • Gain early insight on Blue Yonder events and services
  • Help crowdsource ideas on solving shared business challenges

If you’re interested in running for a SIG Chair position, please log on to the appropriate SIG Community and let the SIG Manager know you’re interested. We want to identify all candidates by the end of 2020 and voting will take place in late January-early February.

Learn more about the Blue Yonder Special Interest Group communities here.