21 Jul 2024
Industry Insights, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Sustainability

From the Barley in the Fields, to the Beer in Our Hands: Carlsberg’s Sustainability Journey

For the past 175 years, Carlsberg has continuously reinvented itself from a marketing, innovation and product perspective, while remaining true to its core values of enriching communities while manufacturing quality drinks. Spanning 140 brands, 40,000 employees, 150 global markets, and 12.5 billion liters of alcoholic…

Industry Insights, Retail, Supply Chain, Technology

Why Wholesale Distribution Should Be Driving Interoperability Across the Supply Chain

Agility, resilience, sustainability, and efficiency: these are the goals of the modern supply chain. But ever-increasing levels of complexity and ongoing supply chain instability make actualizing these ideals a significant challenge. Now more than ever, supply chain stakeholders need to work closely together to maximize…