Blue Yonder ICON 2021 might be a wrap but you can still watch all the keynote and breakout sessions on-demand in the ICON portal.  And…the learning experience doesn’t stop there either!

One of the biggest benefits of attending ICON is to participate in a Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting. Participating in a SIG meeting at ICON allows you to see product roadmaps firsthand and understand the vision for Blue Yonder solutions.

However, ICON isn’t the only place where you can get engaged with the SIG Community – SIG meetings happen year-round!

Why do customers join a SIG? It’s simple really. One of the biggest benefits is to learn more about the solutions you’re using from other users or product experts. With 35 SIGs and more than 4,900+ members from over 1,400 companies there are a lot of other users you can learn from!

Dave Roach, Partner & Productivity Engineer, John Lewis & Partners – SIG Member and Community MVP puts it best: “The SIGs from Blue Yonder are an invaluable tool for us, the end users. They are a great place to share experiences and ideas, ask questions from more experienced users or just to get a different perspective of how the products are utilized in other environments.”

The SIGs are truly community driven with 45% of the posts and comments being created by customers rather than Blue Yonder.

It’s not just about the software. In addition to learning from each other, the SIGs are also a place to collaborate to solve business challenges. It’s the most important thing you can do. It’s a small investment of your time that has big benefits, including understanding more about the products, influencing the design of the products and networking with your peers that have gone through the same trials and tribulations and projects that you have. If you don’t join, you’re leaving half of what you paid for on the table.

If you are a Blue Yonder customer and not a member of a SIG Community, I urge you to join one today and discover the power of collaboration through communities yourself. If you are already a member, please take advantage of our strong communities for knowledge and support.

In addition, we’d like to encourage you to download Blue Yonder Connections, our SIG Community mobile app that lets you access your network of SIG members at your fingertips. 

Our Blue Yonder Special Interest Group (SIG) mission is to foster an environment where active participation maximizes your company’s investment in Blue Yonder solutions and enables you to grow both personally and professionally through collaboration with other supply chain professionals. 

Join and learn more about SIGs here.

Download the Blue Yonder Connections SIG Community mobile app here