We wrapped ICON 2023 Day 2, and these general session keynotes were all about our customers — stories of innovation, inspiration and wins! And speaking of winning, the morning kicked off with our inaugural ICONic Customer Awards, honoring the achievers, innovators and leaders who have made an impact in their organization through exceptional usage of Blue Yonder’s solutions. Check out all the 2023 ICONic winners below:

And these are our Top 7 takeaways from Blue Yonder customers from the ICON 2023 Day 2 keynotes:

1. Armada has the challenge of delivering perishable products to America’s largest restaurant chains. Luminate Control Tower helps us sense supply chain disruptions, including stockouts, four days sooner — improving response times by more than 75%. Armada has saved thousands of hours in staff time, dramatically improved productivity and realized over a million dollars in cost savings.

—Debi Gann, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Armada

2. Bayer is rolling out Blue Yonder’s Transportation Management System (TMS) in over 70 countries to manage materials shortages, increasing costs, demand fluctuations and other challenges. Our complete digital transformation relies on leading-edge capabilities like data-as-a-service and dynamic price discovery. While the implementation is ongoing, we have already decreased our overall transportation spend by up to 5%, reduced our carbon footprint, and improved the customer experience through greater visibility and connectivity.

—Johnny Ivanyi, Global Head of Distribution Excellence, Bayer

3. Petco has leveraged Blue Yonder’s Commerce microservice solutions to increase the accuracy of our consumer promises and profitably meet shopper demand for fast, flexible fulfillment. Blue Yonder’s Commits solution was rolled out to all 1,500 Petco locations in just weeks, enabling same-day delivery for e-commerce orders. In addition to improving service, we estimate this change will bring savings thanks to fulfillment efficiencies.

—Chris Lawson, Director, Digital Fulfillment, Petco

4. The way we get products to our customers can have a significant impact on the carbon footprint. Reducing the split shipments helps us have a more sustainable supply chain and minimizes the impacts on the environment. In addition, circular commerce is a strategic initiative that allows us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint. Technology underpins the solutions for these current and emerging challenges.

—Amit Kulkarni, Divisional VP, Technology, REI Co-op

5. Walgreens has a 30-minute promise, and that is critical to our patients and our customers. To ensure we have the right inventory in the right ZIP code, we’ve invested in artificial intelligence-driven forecasting. Blue Yonder’s order management system (OMS) is the magic for us to be able to deliver our promise to our customers.

—Andy Kettlewell, Group VP, Inventory and Analytics, Walgreens

6. ABB is interested in redefining distribution. We want to be within one day’s turn of 85% of our customer base. We’re calling that regionalizing our global supply chain. By regionalizing it, we gain a localized customer experience with our distribution centers, shorter transitional times between facilities; and improve and drive sustainability through reduced mileage in our network.

—Ken Shotts, VP of Distribution and Logistics, ABB

7. Logistics is mission critical. The work we do ensures millions of people get what they need when they need it. Companies of all kinds want more visibility, greater efficiency, lower cost, and effortless experience from start to finish, so we use advanced automation and data science to meet the fast-growing demand for our services. We needed a global partner who was agile to match the speed and scale and the desire to continually improve. That’s why we chose Blue Yonder.

—Steve Lewis, Division President, GXO

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