Care, Conversations, and a Commitment to Action. These words highlight Blue Yonder’s response to ending racial injustice.

While we have made it clear that we stand with the Black community, we recognize actions speak louder than words. It’s not enough to simply empathize, speak out and issue statements. We – as corporations, leaders and voices – must invest in and commit to sustainable solutions for social justice and racial equality.  This is not an initiative, rather it’s a business imperative.

While diversity, equality and inclusion have always been core to the identity of Blue Yonder’s culture, we must do more and do better. Today, we commit to action.

We pledge to take the following actions to support the Black community. We remain committed, will hold ourselves accountable, and will be transparent in our efforts to right the imbalances in our company and communities.

  • Donation to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund: We are donating $25,000 to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, which empowers Black students to get to and through college.
  • Establishing a Blue Yonder Black Advocacy Group: We have established a Black Interest Group (BIG) to provide a voice and growth opportunities for Black associates at Blue Yonder and to drive positive changes within our company and society. BIG will serve as a force for dialogue, action, and positive change.
  • Amplification of DIVE at Blue Yonder: DIVE – which stands for Diversity, Inclusion, Value and Equality is focused on creating an inclusive and diverse environment where associates can thrive with the freedom to be unique and authentic. Equality as one of our core tenets to DIVE will provide the most meaningful outcomes for this community – focused on fair treatment, access, opportunity, and advancement for all. As part of DIVE, we have established a foundation for associates to create their own associate-driven, associate-led interest groups.
  • Focused Internship and Recruitment Efforts: We will partner with Black Students Organizations to recruit more Black interns each summer. This will complement our existing efforts to recruit future Blue Yonder associates from Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU) and other organizations, such as the national Black MBA Association. 
  • Enhancing our Community Activism: In 2018, we began providing all associates with one paid day off to commit to community service.  We are expanding this annual paid community service leave to two days off, which can be used for things like community service and activism, and/or participating in elections activities.
  • Partnering with Organizations that Support the Black Community: We will establish a partnership with the NAACP and look to bring students, speakers and others into our organization for learning and educational opportunities.  

To drive change, one must commit. To underscore these initiatives, I have taken the personal pledge to advance diversity and inclusion through the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion coalition. Corporate change starts at the top, and I’m proud to use my voice to take action to help end racial injustice and to foster an inclusive workplace for all of us here at Blue Yonder and around the world.