Providing community members with a simple way to get engaged and make new connections is a top priority. Therefore, we are pleased to announce the launch of Blue Yonder Connections, a Special Interest Group Community mobile app! 

The Mobile App features include:  

  • Home Feed to keep you up to date on discussions in your Special Interest Groups including the topics and community members you follow
  • List of Recommended Connections we think you’ll enjoy following​
  • Access to a Calendar of events including SIG Meetings​
  • Community Leaderboard in which recognizes members who contribute the most in online communities

Downloading the app on your mobile device is simple. The Blue Yonder Connections app is available on Google Play Store and App Store ready to download. Log in to the app by using your Customer Success Portal login information and start making connections on-the-go. For more information, click here

In addition, we have also launched additional features for our Special Interest Group (SIG) Communities:


  • We have added new badges to the communities. Collect badges based on your community activity (e.g., making posts, like others’ posts, and receiving comments). 

Recognition Levels:

  • We have updated the recognition levels previously available. New levels include Getting Started, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamonds. Community members automatically receive a medal every time they reach a new level. A new level is reached when the set threshold for points has been surpassed. 

Community Leaderboard:

  • Top contributors are those who create a strong presence in their communities and knowledgeable, personable, and engaging leaders. Through the Community Leaderboard, members with the most points accumulated through several engagements are recognized and can take advantage of special rewards. 

Community MVP Program 

  • The top 1% of engaged community members also have the special opportunity to participate in the Blue Yonder SIG Community MVP Program, providing direct feedback about our solution and communities while also taking advantage of MVP rewards. Our strongest community leaders do not go unnoticed and therefore are recognized and rewarded! Check out the 2020 SIG Community MVPs here

Take advantage of our customer communities and allow SIGs to help you reach your full potential. Join a SIG community today and discover the power of collaboration through communities yourself. 

Join and learn more here.

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