The acceleration of e-commerce in the past few years has put significant pressure on businesses to rethink their entire commerce strategy. Today’s savvy shopper expects seamless and enhanced experiences across channels – in-store and online –  with the goal of getting the right product, at the right time through their channel of choice. With changing market and consumer expectations, it has become more critical for organizations to have agile, augmentative order management systems (OMS) that can support those experiences. 

“Order management solutions are a crucial bridge that connects the back office to selling and fulfillment channels for digital businesses.”

Emily Pfeiffer, Principal Analyst, Forrester, “The Order Management System (OMS) Landscape, Q4 2022”

To help organizations evaluate order management systems, Forrester released its Order Management System Landscape, Q4 2022 overview. Blue Yonder is excited to be named a notable vendor in this report. We believe our inclusion is a testament to our strength in providing our customers with support for all the extended use cases.

The Forrester Order Management System Landscape, Q4 2022 overview breaks down OMS vendors based on the following criteria: 

  • Size
  • Industry and Geographic focus 
  • Type of Offering 
  • Use Cases 

In the overview, Forrester’s recommends companies match their business and customer needs against the capabilities offered by the notable vendors. Blue Yonder Order Management

Order management plays a crucial role in the success of business’s commerce strategy. It enables them to properly manage inventory, optimize fulfillment, and orchestrates the entire order lifecycle from click to collect. 

Blue Yonder’s order management redefines how commerce happens – delivering meaningful customer experiences and removing lengthy upgrades and technical obstacles that get in the way of business transformation. Our augmentative, domain-centric microservices deliver performance and flexibility, allowing businesses to start with what they need today knowing that they can add capabilities tomorrow.

Learn more about Blue Yonder’s order management capabilities today.