Customers are the heart of our company. You hear this a lot from companies, but do their actions say the same thing? For me, customers have always been why I do what I do – help companies succeed by finding the solutions they need to stay ahead of where the industry is going.

Hearing how Blue Yonder has helped our customers first-hand is what I live for. During a recent  Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meeting, I got the chance to learn why so many of these companies have come to rely on Blue Yonder – especially in today’s environment where supply chain is the hot topic in boardroom conversations and even with consumers.

The three key takeaways from our CAB meeting – for me – touched on what they love, what we could do better and where we need to focus our efforts:

  • Speed: We need to move at the same speed as our customers. Since I joined Blue Yonder in July, I have been diving in to unlock many decisions that have been sitting on the table for the last six months. We’ve also hired about 150 associates since then, making sure we’re bringing in the right talent – and this is only the beginning.
  • Transformational Growth: We intend to have more customer meetings via individual product level and industry-segment level to share our roadmaps, vision and innovation, and we welcome customer feedback to help us refine them.
  • Better Community Building: We look forward to attending more customer-focused events, both virtual and in-person, to get together, share news and continue to listen and learn from our customers and each other.

Since then, I have been meeting with customers to continue the conversation and learn from them. I was in EMEA recently to continue some of those conversations in person. You can watch a recent conversation I had with Carl Dawson, CIO of Asda; Blue Yonder has played a key role in supporting him and his company.

And I can’t end this blog without saying the important role that partners play in helping our customers succeed. In fact, one of our strategic partners, Accenture acquired MacGregor Partners, a leading supply chain consultancy and technology provider specializing in intelligent logistics and warehouse management, to expand their supply chain network and fulfillment transformation capabilities powered by our Blue Yonder technology. This will further support our customers across industries looking to implement warehouse management system (WMS) and transportation management system (TMS) implementations. And look for more details soon on our newly revamped PartnerFirst program that we first announced back in May.

What I’ve learned so far is our customers depend on us to make informed decisions with speed, to accelerate our roadmaps and modernize their supply chains, and to further enhance our customer experience. Our sleeves are rolled up and we’re ready to work for our customers!