We’re halfway through Day 2 of ICON 2022, and we just wrapped up the exciting and engaging keynotes from our featured speakers. There were so many valuable learnings from these sessions — follow our live tweeting to see them all! — and here is a roundup of our Top 10 takeaways from the ICON keynotes:

1. We can turn disruptions into opportunity if we work together to rethink, reimagine and reinvent our supply chains.

— Mark Morgan, Interim CEO, Blue Yonder

2. The omni-channel customer is the most important customer we have.

— Keith Rothstein, GVP Merchandise Services & Strategy, Meijer

3. The ‘Power of Three’ brings together edge computing, cloud and AI/ML as key elements enabling manufacturers and retailers to predict and prevent supply chain disruptions, embrace e-commerce adoption, and accelerate their journey to the autonomous supply chain edge.

— Desikan Madhavanur, EVP & Chief Development Officer, Blue Yonder

4. We’re investing in people, process and technology to enable the aligned, adaptable and agile supply chain.

— Kehat Shahar, Corporate VP Global Supply Chain, Micron Technology

5. We must build more resilient supply chains. We must focus on: cycle time, geo/supplier diversity, intelligent buffering and end-to-end visibility.

— Jodi Larson, GM Cloud Supply Chain Strategy & Transformation, Microsoft

6. We finished our implementation (of Blue Yonder’s Luminate Demand Edge solution), and we are happy to report our accuracy went up and time for planners was reduced.

— Julie Dell’Aniello, President, Martin-Brower Canada

7. Consumers have massively detailed expectations of retailers, which is why retailers should implement an OMS solution.

— Emily Pfeiffer, Senior Analyst Commerce Technology, Forrester Research

8. Our mission isn’t simply about technology. Our mission is about empowering people, and Blue Yonder plays a foundational role in our new ecosystem of empowering others.

— JP Saini, Chief Digital & Technology Officer, Sunbelt Rentals

9. During the pandemic, consumers are relying more than ever on digital tools to manage their health.

— Amaresh Siva, SVP Digital Technology, CVS Health

10. You need those failures in order to succeed, and you learn from it.

— Jon Rahm, U.S. Open Champion and top-ranked golfer

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