24 Oct 2020
Wednesdays for Women

What is Your Legacy?

Nayana Kishore is a support lead on JDA’s Customer Success team, based in Hyderabad, India. Today she writes of a life-changing experience she had during a recent business trip. Her experience reveals two lessons: be open to exploration when you find yourself in a new…

Wednesdays for Women

Lead by Example

Lindsay Eavenson is a pre-sales director at JDA, beginning her career at RedPrairie [acquired by JDA] right out of college more than 16 years ago. She’s a huge proponent of leading by example and in her new leadership role at JDA keeps this in mind…

Wednesdays for Women

Blessings in Disguise

With a season of giving on the horizon, we’re sharing a special edition of Wednesdays for Women themed around “blessings in disguise.” By definition, a blessing in disguise is an idiom referring to the idea that something appearing to be a misfortune can have unexpected…