Through collaboration, organizations can resolve problems and bring their ideas forward faster and more efficiently. That’s why Blue Yonder launched its Special Interest Groups (SIGs) over 20 years ago. Today, Blue Yonder has 37 SIGs with 4,900+ members from over 1,400 companies.

Our Mission is to foster an environment where active participation maximizes your company’s investment in Blue Yonder solutions and enables you to grow both personally and professionally through collaboration with other supply chain professionals. 

By working together with other industry leaders who each have different perspectives and experiences, Blue Yonder is providing our customers with the opportunity to engage with communities of peers who might be facing some of the same challenges and issues. Through SIGs we believe the power of community and collaboration can contribute to a greater common goal. Our SIG customer community benefits include:

Connecting with Industry Leaders:

  • Customers worldwide are engaging with our communities every day by posting relevant industry news, sharing new ideas, and asking questions about our solutions. Having hundreds of leaders engaged in a platform designed to promote collaboration allows for the opportunity to build valuable relationships with others.

Expanding Knowledge

  • Although we are not all together in one place, our customer communities have the ability to serve as a platform where information, ideas, and feedback can be transmitted in a matter of seconds. Expand your horizons and continue learning from others with different ideas and experiences that could benefit you in your own organization.

During this time of unprecedented business disruption, it helps to have a network of peers you can connect with for information sharing and problem solving.  Recently, Special Interest Group Communities have been meeting to discuss the challenges we are all facing, talk with product experts and share information on how your investment in Blue Yonder solutions can help you manage through this unique situation. 

If you are a Blue Yonder customer and not a member of a Special Interest Group Community, I urge you to join one today and discover the power of collaboration through communities yourself.  If you are already a member, please take advantage of our strong communities for knowledge and support as we navigate through these changing times together.  Join and learn more here.