Walmart Mexico’s Alex Guerrero Explains How Digital Innovations Empower Employees [Video]

Part-four of the Executive Exchange video series from JDA introduces us to Alex Guerrero of Walmart Mexico, who shares his vision for digital transformation at Walmart. As Alex explains, it’s digital transformation that will evolve work culture and it’s this component that will impact both customer service and internal operations alike. Combined with predictive data…

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How Speed to Market Has Helped This 100-Year-Old Brand, An Interview with Driscoll’s CIO [Video]

Part-three of the Executive Exchange video series from JDA features Kiran Vankamamidi, CIO of Driscoll’s, who explains how this 100 years-plus company has embraced digital innovation to lead them to continued growth. As Kiran explains to JDA’s reporter Sarah Barnes-Humphrey, by using supply chain applications powered by JDA, Driscoll’s has stayed both competitive and even…

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woman putting up a sticky note during a meeting

Removing the “People Roadblock” to Digital Transformation

As the competition to satisfy customer demand for ever-faster deliveries has made supply chain automation a necessity, and as new technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and robotics have transformed supply chain best practices, data has become the new supply chain currency. So why haven’t more companies forged…

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Jeff Stabell

3 Technology Trends That Will Improve Your Supply Chain Performance [Video]

In today’s competitive markets, it takes more than the ability to quickly respond to urgent supply chain disruptions after they start. Instead, your supply chain must predict disruptions and proactively resolve them before they negatively impact your business.  In this video, JDA’s Jeff Stabell, senior product marketing director, explains how three important technology trends, including…

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