09 abr 2021
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The New Associate

There will be a new generation of associates entering the workforce post-COVID-19. Organizations need to be prepared for their changing expectations so they can continue to engage and retain their employees. This generation of workers understands and values technology.

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How the COVID-19 Crisis Will Continue to Affect Retail Supply Chain Thinking

Supply chain management professionals have seen a lot over our careers. From a retail supply chain management perspective, it was a matter of understanding which throttles to slow down and when to speed things back up as the recovery took hold. There is some value to looking at how our supply chain thinking will fundamentally change in the months to come:

Blue Yonder, Retail, Supply Chain

Crisis Response: Dealing with Here and Now with Your Workforce

Organizations have been battling store closures, panic buying and much more due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Managing employees’ safety and health, stock levels, supply chain disruption, store recovery, and customer service during this crisis has become a herculean task. Many organizations have had to close their doors either by choice or by regulations. This will have both an immediate and longer-term impact.

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Mitigando o Impacto do Coronavírus sobre Cadeias de Suprimento com Machine Learning e Visibilidade em Tempo Real

Um artigo do New York Times de agosto de 2019 destaca o quanto a inteligência artificial (IA) deve a humanos. Isso se dá pelo fato de muitas e muitas pessoas serem necessárias para ajudar um sistema de IA a aprender para que ele possa, eventualmente, agir por…