Blue Yonder has been named as a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Order Orchestration and Fulfillment Applications for Retail 2023 Vendor Assessment (doc #US49615623, December 2023).

The report is aimed at “provide[ing] an entry point in a company’s due diligence in looking for the application or suite of solutions that best suit their specific needs as they move toward this goal.”

The IDC MarketScape report on Order Orchestration and Fulfillment evaluates 14 software vendors in this area. The IDC MarketScape looked at whether the applications could support profitable decision-making, enhance both the pre- and post-purchase customer experience, position inventory accurately, and optimize the in-store experience. Since every retail organization is different, the IDC MarketScape also looked at the flexibility of the software.

“Talking with vendors and retail and brand customers reveals order orchestration and fulfillment as the beating heart of a retail enterprise, receiving and handing off the lifeblood — data — of the order life cycle, often integrated with a multitude of other systems, including ecommerce, inventory, warehousing, customer service, store operations, and last-mile delivery, to take orders from start to finish,” the IDC MarketScape noted. “Crucial to the success of order management, in terms of meeting all of the goals stated previously, is a holistic view of these elements.”  

Blue Yonder Recognized

The IDC MarketScape noted, “Blue Yonder offers a suite of machine learning (ML) microservices that enhance the capabilities of the Inventory Service, Commits Service, and Order Services; these include Dynamic Safety Stock, Markdown Avoidance, Stockout Prediction, and Autonomous Delivery Dates. In addition, the suite was recently enhanced with Analyst Workbench, providing a holistic and user-friendly dashboard for insights across the order life cycle. Each microservice has its own integration path and its own technical stack to support its function, which allows for scalability and extensibility.”

The IDC MarketScape noted three key strengths of Blue Yonder’s approach to order orchestration and fulfillment:

  • Robust, intelligent sourcing and inventory microservices modules providing supply chain visibility with the ability to make decisions about where to source based on a wide variety of factors and to serve inventory location and quantify information up quickly to the customer, with accurate delivery dates.
  • A modern software architecture, built on a cloud-native microservices model.
  • Microservices that can easily sit on top and enhance other order management solutions.

“Each microservice has its own integration path and its own technical stack to support its function, which allows for scalability and extensibility,” noted the IDC MarketScape. “Microservices can be bought to augment a company’s existing order management footprint or can be purchased as a complete suite.”

Simplifying the Complex Challenge of Order Management

As IDC MarketScape report noted, the order orchestration and fulfillment challenges facing retailers in today’s omni-channel world are complex. In response, Blue Yonder has built its suite of Order Management solutions to master this complexity, from probabilistic inventory forecasting and dynamic safety stock predictions to time-phased available-to-promise insights. Dashboards, reports and alerts drive employee engagement, while analytics and metrics support continuous cost and service improvements.

Blue Yonder’s flexible microservices-based approach allows retailers to quickly deploy our Commerce solutions and start realizing value immediately. These capabilities are easy to add to the current technology stack and can be seamlessly scaled as order volumes grow. Blue Yonder’s cloud-native microservices model delivers the rapid time-to-market, scale and performance retailers need to optimize the many activities involved in order management — and gain a meaningful competitive edge in today’s crowded retail environment.

At Blue Yonder, we believe our advanced, proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) also set us apart from other vendors. Blue Yonder’s optimization engines create automated order management recommendations that balance profitability, customer service, sustainability, and other outcomes. Equipped with real-time data and intelligent insights, retailers can instantly pivot, adapt and refocus their order orchestration and fulfillment plans as demand changes dynamically across all channels.

Read the Report Excerpt To Learn More

We encourage you to download and read the IDC MarketScape excerpt to learn more about the challenges of modern order orchestration and fulfillment — as well as Blue Yonder’s position as a Leader in this area. We’re honored to make our debut in this year’s IDC MarketScape report, and we can assure you that we’re just getting started!