With transparency and speed to market both top drivers for investments when applying supply chain strategies to business operations, how do companies truly optimize their efforts and investments? And what may hold them back? Incisiv’s Gaurav Pant interviews Brian Higgins of KPMG who shares his thoughts about the insights revealed from the recent Digital Supply Chain Investment survey, conducted by Incisiv, from JDA & KPMG. Hear from Higgins in the video below as part of JDA’s Executive Exchange video series.

Maintaining legacy systems often delay businesses in moving forward in their supply chain efforts, yet shifting gears is often exactly what companies need in order to become legacy brands themselves. AI and cognitive capabilities are helping to lead these changes, with JDA powering them for KPMG and other leading companies across the world. Discover more on the value of investing in supply chain in the 2nd Annual JDA & KPMG Digital Supply Chain Investment survey, conducted by Incisiv. Plus, explore what other executive leaders have to say about how JDA has helped their businesses in the videos below.