Find Time for Yourself

October is breast cancer awareness month. Stephanie Vollbrechtshausen, associate business consultant at JDA, shares her thoughts on keeping your emotional wellbeing in check amid the fast-paced world we live in, for this week’s Wednesdays for Women blog. With an incidence of 46.3 cases per 100,000 people and mortality rate of 30% for every two million…

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Personalization Across the Supply Chain

A couple of years ago, the concept of having everything personalized arose. It was not marketing tactic, but was a pending reality with consumers willing to be different. Moving from a mass market where one product-fits-all to a personalized offer was, and is still, an impressive challenge for retailers. Personalization is everywhere About 10 years…

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5 Ways to Develop an Enterprise Mindset

This Wednesdays for Women blog is a guest blog from Claire Williams, talent development leader and executive coach at The People Side, a global leadership development and executive coaching practice based in Minneapolis, Minn. She shares her perspective on how to develop an enterprise mindset in today’s blog. Like so many kids who grew up…

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Resiliency; the Fine Art of Balancing E-commerce & Brick and Mortar Investments

This past week, Forever 21, a fast-fashion apparel retailer with over 700 stores and 30,000 employees worldwide announced filing for Chapter 11. While the news struck the retail world, they aren’t the first large format retailer to announce store closures to re-center themselves and focus on their core products. However, they are the first to…

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Endless Career Possibilities

Kerri Schrage, vice president, corporate finance at JDA talks to us today about how exploring different roles in your career can really help you pinpoint your path and being open to taking on new challenges is half the challenge itself.  She’s a champion for women supporting women and having a voice at the table and…

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Retail Pricing: How Leading Retailers Are Leveraging AI to Fight Back

The first blog in this two-part series focused on the primary challenge facing retailers today: mega-retailers have forced prices down, based on their economies of scale and hyper-optimized supply chains. Smaller retailers have responded by creating short-term promotions that draw shoppers into the store, but erode already-thin margins. This strategy is not sustainable over the…

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Retail Pricing: Understanding How Power Shifted to the Consumer

Remember the good old days when retailers controlled pricing? With limited competition, they were able to offer standardized assortments across all their sales outlets, purchased in a manner that delivered the lowest possible unit cost. Pricing was based on a set of established rules, defined with two goals in mind: maximizing the sell-through of products…

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How Diversity and Adversity Can Challenge and Grow your Career

This week’s Wednesday’s for Women features ElMarie Hugo, senior director of North America Industry Strategy as interviewed by Christine Dykstra, director of North America Demand Generation.  ElMarie shares how moving from South Africa to the U.S. has taken her career path in a totally different direction and how building her network and base helped her…

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ICON 2020 is Coming to Denver: 4 Reasons You Should Attend

ICON – our annual customer conference gathering more than 2,000 global attendees together – is coming to Denver in 2020. Stay in the know about the biggest and best supply chain conference of the year with our blog series that will highlight what’s new at ICON. You can see all the developments as they unfold…

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