Earth Day takes place each year on April 22 when we are encouraged to celebrate nature and our planet. At Blue Yonder, associates were asked to embrace the spirit of the month by taking part in a Movement and Mindfulness in Nature Challenge. Connecting with nature offers many benefits for our well-being and overall health. Here associates share the importance of nature in their lives.

Rahul Bhandari (India)

I was very happy to have my first sighting of an Asian Paradise Flycatcher!

This picture was taken at a morning birding session at Muthanallur Lake, Bangalore.

Joel Hazelton (U.S.)

A selection of some of my favorite images from the past 15 years of hiking, backpacking, rock climbing, canyoneering, kayaking, and, of course, photographing Arizona’s backcountry. The loneliest and most remote corners of the wilderness are where I feel most alive and at peace, and where I can go to temporarily forget about all of the stress and deadlines.

Ellie Hislop (U.S.)

Happy Earth Day, Blue Yonder! While riding the subway in New York City, I was captivated by this beautiful artwork by Marcel Dzama — “The Underground Helps The Garden,” which offers a fantastical depiction of flora and fauna filling a subway car. The idea that we’re deeply connected to nature, even within a crowded New York City subway car, serves as a crucial reminder of our interdependence with the environment. Today and every day, I hope we treat Mother Earth as a primary stakeholder in our lives, as if she were personified and riding the subway beside us. Let’s commit to making small changes in our daily routines, knowing that they can collectively lead to significant improvements in our environment!

Jennah Macallister (U.S.)

In honor of Earth Day 2024, I had the privilege of connecting with nature in one of Arizona’s most breathtaking settings – the Salt River. We kayaked 12 miles downstream, Water Users to Granite Reef, starting at 5 a.m. and I was instantly reminded of the immense beauty and importance of preserving our natural environments.

As my wife and I navigated through the waters, we encountered a very diverse array of wildlife that call the Salt River home. Wild mustangs cooling themselves off in the still chilly water, playful otters darting in and out of the water, snapping turtles basking in the sun, hungry vultures soaring overhead, and massive trout (literally massive – 30 inches plus…prehistoric looking) swimming beneath the surface.

After our six hour trek down the crystal clear river, I couldn’t help but be filled with incredible joy and gratitude to be able to witness the natural beauty our world has to offer us.

Alexandra Perales (Mexico)

This weekend I got disconnected for two days to connect again with nature. I got the opportunity to climb a 5.10-mile route. I went into the highline (without success of walking on it 😅) and got to experience the eclipse at its 100%! Thank you, Earth 🌎, for this!

Iwona Trzmielewska (Poland)

Spring, oh it’s you! My family and I visited the Polish Academy of Sciences Botanical Garden near Warsaw. We watched beautifully blooming magnolias, but also sakura (also known as cherry blossoms)! The flowering cherry trees are so beautiful! We go there each year, and I always come back with a boost of energy!

Saskia van Gendt (U.S.)

I went on a beautiful hike in Point Reyes, California. This area is where the redwood forests meet the ocean and is home to several wild herds of tule elk that graze along the coast. Being in nature is the main way that I recharge and reconnect with my personal mission for sustainability.

Claire Yim (U.S.)

Our family went on a trip for spring break where we spent most of our time in the middle of the sea. It was truly a jaw-dropping experience to wake up to such peaceful and magnificent view each day, which helped my mind to be refreshed and recharged with positive thoughts.

Each encounter served as a reminder of the delicate balance of life on our planet and the need to protect and conserve our natural habitats. As we celebrate Earth Day, I only hope that we can all recommit ourselves to preserving these precious ecosystems for future generations to enjoy.