In the final episode of JDA’s Executive Exchange video series, JDA Icon Reporter Sarah Barnes-Humphrey interviews Spinnaker’s George Fowler on the value of digital transformation. As George explains, “understanding the past to predict the future” is a key asset in leveraging JDA’s technologies to power Spinnaker’s business. With innovation key to the future of their growth – both internally and externally – George explains how they are pushing the envelope and moving forward in direct response to the technologies provided by JDA. Hear more of what George has to share in the video below.

Digital transformation can be perceived from a variety of perspectives and unveil a variety of visions for business growth. Yet it takes experience to bring these efforts to life. With JDA, companies such as Spinnaker have been able to be predictive and responsive in their supply chain efforts across all touchpoints of their business – ultimately enabling them to move forward at a speed and at a comfort they are confident with. Explore what other industry leaders have shared about their investments and ROI when working with JDA in the Executive Exchange video series, plus explore how JDA can help your business by learning more here.