We’re excited to have you as a sponsor, what excites you most about ICON 2022?

It is exciting to finally be able to come back together, in person, at one of the largest supply chain events. We will be able to see how companies have leveraged Blue Yonder to transform their supply chains during the pandemic. For our clients, we can discuss how to drive further value with Blue Yonder by walking the floor or helping them decide what sessions to attend. And we look forward to learning more about Blue Yonder’s newest capabilities at ICON.

Tell us about the value you bring to customers through the Blue Yonder partnership.

Partnering with Blue Yonder allows Accenture to help clients transform their supply chains to be more efficient, responsive, resilient and responsible. Now, more than ever, the opportunity for our clients to realize significant value from their supply chains could not be more compelling. The power of digitally connected platforms such as Blue Yonder are key to unlocking this potential.

What is the most exciting thing you are working on right now?

We are helping our clients improve supply chain visibility and build customer-centric supply chains that transcend today’s functional silos to create differentiated customer experiences, build loyalty and act as a source for business growth.

Where do you feel you’ve been helping clients make the most impact during the last two years?

Our clients’ supply chains are now converted to be engines of profitable and sustainable growth thanks to digital transformation projects. Blue Yonder’s platforms and programs have enabled our clients to unlock benefits and ROI beyond their business case. With unified data in the cloud, clients have end-to-end visibility, can predict and pivot as disruptions happen and can intelligently form their fulfillment, labor and supply chain strategies.

Tell us about the solutions and content you’ll be showcasing at the conference this year.

Accenture will be showcasing Blue Yonder’s Luminate platform. Luminate allows companies to realize the full potential of data and digital technology, and to intelligently predict, prevent and respond. Attend our joint sessions with Mars and Pactiv to learn how they built a foundation for their supply chains to deliver more. Discover key trends affecting your industry in sessions such as « The Future of the Intelligent Store » and « Digitization of Transportation and Logistics in the New Customer-Centric World. » Stop by to hear how we are helping our clients and see the power of Luminate Control Tower and Microsoft Azure.