While we are firmly marching towards change with a strategy from within through DIVE (Diversity, Inclusion, Value & Equality), our commitment to change with diversity and inclusion began years ago.

What started as a way to recognize and lift up women in technology and supply chain with our Women’s Interest Network (WIN) in 2014 and “Wednesdays for Women” blog series in 2018 laid an important foundation for the work that lies ahead of us.  WIN – our first Associate Resource Group (ARG) – now has multiple chapters across the globe dedicated to attracting and advancing more women to and within the company. Wednesdays for Women has evolved into our new DIVE In blog series. Our ARGs have also expanded – into BRIDGE (Black Resource Initiative Dedicated to Equality) in 2020, and several others planned for 2021.

I share this for two reasons. First, as we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8 – a day we plan to celebrate for the month of March – I reflect on our journey. The International Women’s Day theme of #ChooseToChallenge resonates even more for me – and for us – today.  As an organization, we have chosen to challenge – to challenge biases, to challenge ourselves to reflect on how we can do better and to challenge each other to act more inclusively.  Our success will be dependent on all of us choosing to challenge.  Every day, we must commit to having those uncomfortable conversations, raising one’s own awareness of our inclusive nature, thinking tapestry, not balance or integration.  This year, that is my pledge.

Second, as we round out our first full year of DIVE, our program is more robust, impactful and associates have engaged in more ways than we had hoped when we first launched it. As the next step in that journey, we are taking a transparent step forward with our first-ever Diversity Report, laying out where we are and where we aspire to be.

We have big, audacious aspirations, and a lot of work to do to increase the diversity of our workforce.  Being transparent is critical to our success and holds us accountable to doing better each day.   I invite you to read our report, which details everything from DIVE’s vision and mission, where we are as a company on being a diverse and representative workforce and how our how much work still lies ahead. 

We are also proud to share our video depicting why we – at Blue Yonder – DIVE IN. I am honored to share this video which depicts our associates – their real, raw, emotional, brave and fully transparent selves. This video is the epitome of our aspirations for DIVE and celebrates the differences in all of us in the words of some of our associates from around the world.