Continuing the momentum from our U.S. customer conference, Blue Yonder further unleashed an innovation shockwave at ICON London. Here are our Top 10 takeaways from the global event that showcase our commitment to create the supply chain operating system for the world:

1. A Staggering 165 Billion Monthly AI Predictions: Blue Yonder’s Luminate® Platform now delivers a robust 165 billion AI predictions monthly, spearheading a future where predictive and generative AI work cohesively to optimize supply chain decisions at unprecedented scales.

2. Pioneering the Era Beyond Monolithic Applications: CEO Duncan Angove declared, «The era of point solutions is over,» emphasizing an interconnected future facilitated by Blue Yonder’s technological advances, including generative AI and infinite computing, amidst blossoming partnerships with Accenture and Snowflake.

3. Unveiling the Largest Product Update: In December 2023, Blue Yonder will roll out its most extensive product update ever, marking a pivotal moment in the integration of planning, warehouse, transportation, and commerce solutions to foster seamless interoperability.

4. Strategic Acquisition to Boost Last-Mile Logistics: The acquisition of Doddle underlines a conscious stride towards enhancing supply chain management and commerce offerings with a comprehensive solution that encapsulates both returns management and reverse logistics, emphasizing the criticality of sustainability in last-mile logistics.

5. All Your Supply Chain Data, All in One Place: By dismantling data silos and minimizing integration needs with external business applications, Blue Yonder’s single source of truth for your supply chain promises more transparent, nimble, and cost-effective data management and streamlined, centralized decisioning across planning and execution.

6. Infusion of Advanced AI and ML Capabilities: Polytope analysis and deep meta learning are set to accelerate scenario planning and automate the selection and configuration of data combinations, pushing the boundaries of scenario planning and decision-making.

7. The Innovative Blue Yonder Orchestrator: Combining generative AI with planning and execution API, Blue Yonder Orchestrator – Blue Yonder’s generative AI solution – transcends traditional data collation, facilitating faster, more intuitive insights, and aiding guided user decision-making.

8. Composable Microservices Facilitating Scalability: The deployment of composable microservices enables companies to amplify existing technologies, providing faster deployment, scalability, and a significantly reduced total cost of ownership without the need for replacing current investments.

9. Investment in Operational Uptime for Warehouse Customers: The 2024 launch of always-on Warehouse Management promises zero downtime and upgrade-safe extensibility, ensuring that customer warehouses maintain optimal operations and manage resources effectively to intelligently maximize throughput and minimize operational costs.

10. Sustainability Becomes an Operational Staple: Chief Sustainability Officer, Saskia van Gendt, outlined Blue Yonder’s commitment to addressing carbon emissions across the entire supply chain through Luminate Platform, heralding a comprehensive sustainability solution launch in Q4 2024.

For a comprehensive dive into Blue Yonder’s announcements and future roadmap, explore the full press release here. And check out #BYICON2023 for live tweets from the keynote sessions and to see what other people are sharing about ICON London!