Blue Yonder is committed to helping its customers face the unexpected. To provide insights into the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and its impact on supply chains around the world, we are delivering a blog series to help anyone looking for support and advice. Our experts, who have spent years in the supply chain industry, share their insights. 

COVID-19 has certainly changed the way we work, shop and interact. The impacts are even greater as a strained supply chain becomes stretched to capacity to meet the demands and needs of customers looking for critical essentials. Never has there been a time when the supply chain has been strained to this degree. As I reflect on these unprecedented times, I wanted to provide a point of view on the direction of category management now and in the future.

During this video blog, I will focus on the current state of the market and the headlines we see through news outlets, social media and other sources.  I’ll also focus on the new normal and provide future food for thought on the evolving customer, the future of the stores, the impact with direct to consumer, curbside pick-up, and the overall impact on the Category Management Process/Category Management 3.0. Finally, think about our supply chain. Category management is a critical part of the E2E supply chain, including collaboration and planning with retailers and suppliers, allocation, logistics, and the impact and direction at the store.

This blog is a part of our Coffee & Category Management Vlog series. Be sure to check back for the next installment.