February is Black History Month. It is a time to honor the contributions and sacrifices of Black Americans and to celebrate the rich cultural heritage, triumphs and adversities that are woven into our nation’s history. While Black History Month is largely celebrated only in the U.S. and Canada, Blue Yonder is a global company, so we are honoring this month in diverse cities around the world.

We recently asked Blue Yonder associates: Why is it important that we celebrate Black History Month?

This is a collection of some of their responses:

“Black history is not specific to Black people — everyone needs to be exposed to it in order to understand what others have been through and how legacies of the past affect the present. This month exists because these stories were never taught and are too important to be forgotten.” — Bobby Heptig

“Black History Month is a time to celebrate inspirational stories and achievements of those who have come before us. It’s an opportunity to really listen, learn and create change for the future.” — Courtney Armstrong

“It’s important to celebrate Black History Month as it’s important to learn our history to understand our present. I have found that to build empathy means to learn and to quietly listen. When we absorb information we improve our ability to truly see someone.” — Carlos Suberville

“Today, the human race is in midst of an evolution of awakening, wherein we now realize the value of life and connection more than ever.” — Kranthi Remala

“We are celebrating the beauty of diversity and the inclusivity of different backgrounds and cultures around the world.” — Sophia Zhong

“Every year, Black History Month serves as a powerful reminder that every human being is equal, and we all should live in peace and harmony rather than creating obnoxious and insulting barriers based on skin color.” — Nayana Kishore

“Black History Month celebrates important achievements in the journey to diversity and racial equity. Black leaders fought for these ideals, underscoring the essential value of human rights for all marginalized communities.” — Mike Boughton

“It is important to educate ourselves on the lived experiences and history of Black individuals and their ancestors. Celebrating Black History Month helps to drive awareness of systemic racism and highlights Black talent and historic leaders.” — Kristi Corbett

“The celebration of Black History Month is important because it is currently our fractured society’s best opportunity to push beyond what we think we know about our history and open our eyes, minds and hearts to the hard, painful truth. Black History Month is a doorway we need to walk through — and that makes it important.” — Margaret Dantuono-Christensen

“It allows us to celebrate diversity and how our lives would not be the same if some folks did not take the risks that they have in our past and even present day.” — Brandon Harris

“It shines a light on many of the great achievements and changes that have helped shape the culture of the United States and countless other nations. The stories of the fight for justice are inspiring and exciting to everyone, not to mention the music, films, sporting achievements which continue to excite and exhilarate!” — Graham Gearing

“It’s important to celebrate Black History Month because it is an opportunity to educate, honor, and celebrate the enormous contributions and sacrifices from our Black American ancestors, which were instrumental in shaping American history.” — Colette Matthews