Today’s logistics landscape is evolving. Continued supply chain disruptions, labor shortages and global uncertainty are adding additional supply chain risk. As consumer requirements change with the explosion of e-commerce, both last mile and micro-fulfillment centers are becoming more common. Corporate initiatives are increasing focus to sustainability. Cloud-based technologies, offering reduced TCO, and robotics are increasing in adoption. These trends are driving businesses across industries to reassess their supply chain and look at enabling technologies.

Selecting a Warehouse Management System (WMS) solution that delivers comprehensive, end-to-end capabilities from receipt to shipment with intelligent orchestration of human and robot resources, and a focus on engaging warehouse staff and driving continuous improvement can be complex. However, WMS is a key enabler to drive efficiency, improve customer service and support sustainability initiatives.

Blue Yonder was pleased to be recently recognized as a technology leader in the Quadrant Knowledge Solutions Spark Matrix™ for Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).  This recognition further reinforces our customer-focused, innovation-driven culture centered on supporting current and future trends impacting warehouses globally.

The SPARK Matrix for WMS includes a detailed analysis of global market dynamics, major trends, vendor landscape, and competitive positioning of the warehouse management space. The study provides competitive analysis and ranking of the leading technology vendors in the form of its SPARK Matrix. The broad survey includes analysis of warehouse management providers across the spectrum of capabilities needed for efficient warehouse operations.

End-to-End Solutions are Critical

As part of their analysis, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions noted, “Blue Yonder’s top key differentiator includes Luminate® Logistics solutions that enable organizations to enhance their end-to-end portfolio through SaaS and digital edge technologies.”

Blue Yonder’s Luminate Logistics delivers a broad set of end-to-end execution capabilities to help businesses recognize and react to issues in the supply chain, reducing risk and uncovering opportunities. By seamlessly planning, orchestrating, and optimizing the variety of resources (humans, robotics, transportation) involved in the movement of goods to the end customer, organizations can increase their efficiency and have the agility to respond to unforeseen disruptions.

Industry-Leading WMS Capabilities are Key to Address the Challenges of 21st Century Fulfillment

When evaluating Blue Yonder’s warehouse management capabilities, Quadrant Knowledge Solutions stated, “The platform offers a wide range of industry-specific and user-specific use-cases such as dynamic scheduling, labor retention/management, warehouse automation.”

With order sizes shrinking, volumes increasing, and delivery time expectations going from days to hours, the demands on fulfillment centers have never been greater. Labor shortages have driven warehouses to look for new ways to engage and retain staff. Increased adoption of robotics has added technical complexity. Technologies must have the ability to orchestrate the complex, automated processes of the warehouse of the future by managing the intricacies of robots from a variety of vendors interacting with human coworkers to fulfill a steady stream of orders.

Blue Yonder’s WMS reduces costs, increases productivity and improves accuracy in the warehouse from receipt to shipping. Beyond traditional WMS capabilities, the broader Luminate Logistics suite offers:

  • Warehouse Tasking: Part of Luminate Warehouse Execution System (LWES), leverages machine learning (ML) to unlock opportunities for greater efficiency and cost savings. Tasks are assigned based on user-defined parameters while the engine tracks task-related shift lengths, and times the position of resources in near real-time.
  • Robotics Hub: SaaS-native application as part of the LWES that enables accelerated onboarding of multiple robotics vendors in your warehouse and a single operations dashboard, improving visibility across automation solutions
  • Warehouse Labor Management: Unlock that potential with labor management which drives employee engagement and performance to enhance business results. Define best practices and performance expectations, track warehouse activities to enhance employee accountability, and empower supervisors to effectively mentor their teams.

Secure Technology in the Cloud

Businesses are moving technologies that would have traditionally been deployed on premise to the cloud. They see the benefits of reduced IT infrastructure costs and the high reliability and availability of technologies deployed through cloud-based technologies.

With Microsoft Azure, Blue Yonder leverages an industry-leading foundation built on security, AI, ML, IoT, and data-driven cloud services, enabling powerful, future-ready capabilities and sustainability across logistics and supply chain. Blue Yonder’s WMS on Azure delivers reduced TCO, improved data security and faster innovation.

Blue Yonder’s WMS is a strategic advantage for businesses struggling to improve their warehouse operations.

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Quadrant Knowledge Solutions is a global advisory and consulting firm focused on helping clients in achieving business transformation goals with Strategic Business and Growth advisory services. Their market research covers a broad spectrum of industries and disciplines. Visit the Quadrant Solutions website to read the 2022 Spark Matrix™: Warehouse Management System (WMS), 2022 (purchase required).