In India, Blue Yonder’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)/BYCares team is actively engaged in community activities throughout the year. It is a very efficient and strong team that works together, sharing a common interest: work for the betterment of fellow beings. Associate Ramya Jayaram shares her experience participating in a recent tree planning activity. 

I have always loved participating in our Blue Yonder CSR/BYCares activities, which is why I jumped at the chance to help with a tree-planting drive in December 2023. The event was hosted in both our Bangalore and Hyderabad locations in collaboration with SayTrees, a non-governmental organization (NGO) that empowers people to give back to nature and live in an environment conducive to their health and well-being.

Around 50 enthusiastic Blue Yonder volunteers started the day by meeting and greeting each other at the Blue Yonder office in Bangalore. Here, we boarded our bus to the venue, Avalahalli, which was about 1 hour away. We were greeted by the SayTrees staff, who guided us to the actual venue. They gave us a demo on how to plant a sapling: considering the depth of the pit, placing the sapling in it, and securing the plant to a bamboo stick.

We then divided ourselves into small groups of two to four to kick start our task of planting the saplings. Our group of four had a great time where one was digging the pits, one got the sapling ready, one planted the sapling and one secured it with a bamboo stick. We were rotating our jobs periodically so that no one got tired.

As they say, teamwork pays as within a matter of two hours, the entire landscape looked so different! A barren dusty land at 10 a.m. was transformed into a beautiful patch of greenery by noon! Between the Bangalore and Hyderabad locations, we planted 1,500 saplings in one day!

The sense of fulfillment and contentment is what was filled in every one of our hearts! We left the place and headed back to the office, filled with a great sense of satisfaction, and a thought of achievement that we had done something meaningful that day, which will place a mark on the planet even when we are gone!

Special thanks to Blue Yonder for having us participate in such a noble cause. I just can’t wait to see all the saplings grow up into fine tall trees!

BYCares: Giving back is a core tenet of our culture at Blue Yonder, and our associates have a long history of being helpful partners in the communities in which we operate. Associates strive to reach their very best both at work and in their communities. By utilizing the two paid volunteer days a year, associates have a chance to make an impact supporting meaningful causes of their choice. In 2023, our associates globally volunteered a total of 5,380 hours!