I am very excited to be joining you today as the new CEO of Blue Yonder. I describe myself as a strategic business leader, with more than three decades of technology and leadership experience. My experience includes working in every part of the supply chain and retail businesses, from writing logistics and replenishment code, to implementing software. I’ve worked with customers from global brands to help them grow and succeed. I have also worked strategically with partners to ensure both organizations mutually thrive.

A technology optimist, I believe in the power of disruption —and that it serves as a catalyst for the unprecedented digital transformation and massive technological and societal shifts we are witnessing, creating important new opportunities for businesses of all sizes. Digital transformation that was projected to happen over the next 10 years is happening today.

This is an exciting time at Blue Yonder. The supply chain is at the forefront of every organization’s C-level conversations and our societal purpose has never been more clear – to deliver needed food, healthcare and supplies during a time of great disruption. Blue Yonder is the clear platform leader in supply chain and I’m excited to join the team to lead us into what’s coming next. Together with Blue Yonder’s associates and partners, I’m looking forward to helping our customers realize the power of a self-learning, self-healing Autonomous Supply Chain™.

I believe the next decade of supply chain will be more revolutionary than the previous 30 years, becoming even more central to every business and serving as the critical backbone of a superior customer experience. The coevolution of software, edge technologies, AI/ML, 5G, and cloud computing will reshape the future of how we experience brands, products, and services – and we’ll consume them in new ways. This software-powered world will help businesses engage with customers in much more meaningful ways. I am here because I believe we have an unparalleled capability to make a huge societal impact and create a more sustainable world.

I’ve always believed that putting innovation and investment to work in your products is what makes you successful. Our future innovations will be key to bringing more value to our customers and helping them stay one step ahead of the disruptions that impact their operations and business growth. And we will continue to build on our commitment to our partners as they will be key to our growth in the coming years.  

I believe that a data-centric approach will help customers win, especially as the physical and digital worlds continue to merge and evolve. Taking a data-first approach allows us to succeed in solving customer problems faster.

I am humbled and grateful for this opportunity and look forward to listening to each of you over the coming weeks ahead. On behalf of Blue Yonder’s leadership team and associates, we thank you for putting your trust in us and we look forward to helping you fulfill your potential now and into the future.