In this new monthly “Security BY Design” blog series, Blue Yonder’s Cybersecurity team will look at cybersecurity in 2023. In our first blog, we predict cybersecurity will grow and are sharing some key steps you and your organizations can take to stay safe.

2022 brought a lot of change and expansion in the cybersecurity realm. Across the world we saw exponential increases in cybercriminal activity, new types of threats and scams, and many costly and unfortunate situations for organizations impacted. Here are four key takeaways as we look back at cybercrime in 2022:

  • The Cost of Ransomware: Not only has the cost of ransomware increased, but the impact has dramatically increased as well. In 2022 there were entire countries taken offline due to successful ransomware attacks.  
  • Health Care and Supply Chain Remain Top Targets:
    • In 2022, health care cyberattacks grew 44%
    • Supply chain cyberattacks increased over 300% since 2020
  • Geopolitical Cybersecurity Impact: Continued conflicts, inflation and other related geopolitical pressures all impact cybercrime. Cybercriminals LOVE to take advantage of current events; anytime a major global or regional event occurs, scams and attacks related will arise.
  • Repercussions of Cybercrime Rising: The U.S. Government and other nations are all cracking down more heavily on cybercrime; convictions are increasing on those that partake in cybercrime activity.

As you can see, 2022 brought a lot of change to cybersecurity. Here are our Top 5 cybersecurity predictions for 2023:

  1. Economic & Geopolitical Impact will Continue

As stated in 2022, this will continue to be a major player in cybersecurity and cybercrime in 2023. Cybercriminals will seek to capitalize on any major world event – especially anything that may cause stress, fear or anxiety towards individuals impacted.

  1. The Impact of AI (Creative Scams We Haven’t Seen Before)

With the rise of new artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, cybercriminals will have never-before-used tools at their fingertips. We have already started to see malware (harmful software) and phishing campaigns created utilizing new A.I. programs. Cybercriminals will have new abilities to respond to trends, world events with greater accuracy and creativity than anything we have seen before. We expect new scams that may be much more difficult to detect to arise throughout 2023.

  1. Everything Will Connect to the Internet (IoT devices)

We anticipate even MORE devices to connect to the internet than ever before. Every year common household items add internet connectivity, and we expect to see this increase further throughout 2023. Consumers will need to do greater research to find items that do not have or force internet connectivity. Additionally, device updates will be more important than ever before for “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices.

  1. Work From Anywhere Scams Increase

With nearly every organization offering part-time to full-time remote work, cybercriminals are capitalizing on new opportunities. Insecure public wi-fi to increases in lost or stolen devices to tax scams will continue to increase in 2023. Organizations must remain vigilant and prepare employees for threats they may see whether working from home, in a coffee shop, at the office, while traveling, or at a remote location. Securing networks, data and systems will become a critical strategic element as more individuals work remotely in 2023.

  1. Cybercrime as a Service Expands

You read that correct! Unfortunately, cybercrime is a business. Cybercrime as a service has continued to expand year-over-year and will continue to expand in 2023. With the rise of AI capabilities and continued geo-political pressures, cybercriminals will continue to expand ways in which they sell malware, viruses and other threats to potential cybercriminals. Ultimately, this reinforces how important it is for each individual and organization to remain vigilant and prepared for potential cyber threats.

Ultimately, underlying all of these changes will include an increased emphasis on privacy regulations worldwide. We are already seeing this in many countries and the U.S. having new or expanded privacy laws. Organizations need to stay in tune with changing privacy laws to ensure both compliance and privacy of their data.

Cybersecurity New Year’s Resolutions: Tips to Stay Safe in 2023

Along with our predictions, we anticipate ransomware, phishing and vulnerabilities in software and devices to continue to be top threats organizations and individuals face. Here are three simple cybersecurity New Year’s resolutions you can take to stay safe this new year:

  1. Be Extremely Cautious with ALL Communication Channels
    • Review privacy settings and think twice before accepting friend requests/messages from strangers
    • Cybercriminals are NOT just using email for phishing attempts – they may target you on any social media or communications network
  1. Backup Your Own Personal Data
    • Consider backing up your own personal data in a secure location in a protected cloud server or secure physical hard drive
  2. Don’t Sleep on Software Updates
    • When a software update is released, consider updating your device immediately 
    • Cybercriminals will continue to exploit older software – the older a device is, the more likely it’s going to get outdated in 2023, or it may need to be retired from use

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