As humans, we connect through stories, sharing ourselves so others might learn from a different lens. Our DIVE In blog series does just that, it builds connection and empathy, to normalize conversation across all areas. In August 2020, we transitioned our weekly Wednesdays for Women blog to focus on a more broad, diverse, and inclusive journey of sharing our associates stories to support our DIVE (diversity, inclusion, value and equity) imperative.

Three years later, we find ourselves winning an award for the stories that we tell. Our DIVE In blog series recently won an APEX Award “Award of Excellence” in the “Social Media: Best Series of Blog Posts” category. The APEX Awards, or Awards for Publication Excellence Competition, honor entries that achieve overall communications effectiveness and excellence.

While we are thrilled at the honor, our hearts are beaming that people enjoy reading the stories our associates share with you each week. Curating a weekly blog is no simple task, it takes patience and a dedicated team to find these stories. It also takes courage for our associates to share a piece of themselves.

We want to thank our associates for their willingness to share their heart and soul with you. Without them, our DIVE In blog series would not have the energy it does today.

Some of our topics may be lighthearted, where others can be difficult to discuss. We would encourage all readers to take a look at the more than 140 DIVE In blogs. Here are a few of the memorable ones from the past year: