It’s that time of the year when the holiday season creeps in a bit early for everyone in India. For many, we hear children running around or sounds of the Laxmi Bomb (or firecracker) distantly over Zoom calls, which is well received with, “Oh, its Diwali time! Happy Diwali!” Indeed, what an ecstasy!

Over the last two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we celebrate at Blue Yonder, but we can’t stop thinking about the fun and frolic we’ll experience when we can once-again celebrate in-person!

Until then, here is how we are celebrating Diwali this year:

Gifting: Gifting is an old tradition during Diwali that is carried out in every household with the very essence that everyone should be happy and prosperous. In the past, Blue Yonder senior leadership would walk to every associate’s desk to wish them and their family a happy and safe Diwali as they give away Blue Yonder Diwali gifts. Since Diwali is all about lighting up a million hearts even in the darkest of times, this year’s gifting shifted but was even more special. It began with our senior leadership and executive teams wishing all of Blue Yonder a happy Diwali virtually and sending gift boxes to each home – carefully packaged and delivered by our own Facilities and Administration teams.

Performances: Associates were invited to perform virtually on Oct. 27. It was a beautiful evening filled with many performances as associates adorned ethnic attires, setting the mood for the festivities while entire houses danced and sang.

Rangoli Competition: The annual Rangoli competition is virtual this year. Rangoli is an art form made up of beautiful patterns created on the floor or a tabletop. They are made with rice flour mixed in all colors possible from the kitchen, with empty slots left for placing lemon size earthen bowls filled with sesame oil and a cotton wick to be lit throughout the night. This symbolizes the receiving of divine light into one’s home, heart, and the very abode of their living. Blue Yonder India is already submitting various rangolis for our #RangoWaliDiwali competition, which focuses not only on the photos of the art, but on bringing families together in one frame.

Giving: The joy of giving has been more than just a virtue, but a culture for everyone here at Blue Yonder. Before the pandemic, all departments would come together to donate the greatest number of kilos of rice, which combined, would feed up to 30 organizations for the underprivileged in Bangalore and Hyderabad for three months. The pandemic could not wither the giving hands, for this year, Blue Yonder India offices have graciously provided cooked meals to the families of COVID-19 victims, in partnership with an organization called Akshaya Patra, which in Sanskrit, literally means “a never depleting vessel of food.” The community service teams have also donated 135 tablets to the students of Samarthanam, a non-profit organization for the upliftment of the disabled.

Our pillars of strength during the last 18 months have been our associates – we owe them a debt of gratitude. We used to celebrate together every year with music, fun and food for both our associates and their families at the Blue Yonder offices. This year, while we are not meeting together due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have found a way to stay connected and have a wonderful Diwali!

So, here’s my wish for this Nov. 4 – forget the calorie counting and open yourself up to all the joy! Light your spirits that brighten up the entire universe. We at Blue Yonder seek your utmost safety and happiness. Happy Diwali, everyone!