Every four years we celebrate Leap Year – when the calendar receives an extra day on Feb. 29. The reason for this additional “Leap Day” is because the earth does not orbit the sun in exactly 365 days, but slightly over. For many of us, this bonus day is a chance to enjoy extra time and be productive – perhaps tackle projects we have been meaning to work on. And for very few others, “Leap Day” happens to be their birthday!

Blue Yonder Associate Vaisakh Warrier, who lives in India, shares what it’s like to have the rarest birthday a person can have (Editor’s Note: Only 0.1% of the world’s population is born on Feb. 29).

What’s it like having a birthday on Leap Day?

Definitely special! Most of my friends and family don’t forget this day. Also, all of them are given a choice to wish me a happy birthday on two days in non-Leap Years.

In non-Leap Years what day do you celebrate? Is this day something you picked out as a child and has stayed the same, or do you alternate each year?

It’s either on Feb. 28 or March 1. Each year we pick one depending on schedules and convenience for the family, which works out very well!

During Leap Years is there any celebration which has stood out to you as being very special?

Probably this year – my daughter and I are technically the same age! 

How many “Leap Years” will you be next month?

Still not even into the teenage years.

Growing up did teachers in school make a big deal about your birthday on Leap Year?

Yes, they did! In fact, on one birthday, my teacher told me that I shared a birthday with Superman. I didn’t know that fact and he was my favorite superhero for a long time. 

What are the biggest perks of being a Leap baby?

  • You can stay young – even when you are old 
  • On non-Leap Years, you get to celebrate on two days (Feb. 28 and March 1)

Have there been any complications with having such a unique birthday? Such as with government agencies, on ID cards, etc.

One thing which I could still remember is while applying an online application some time ago, it was not allowing me to enter my birthday as Feb. 29. It was throwing an error as an invalid date.  Apart from that, there haven’t been any issues.