At Blue Yonder, well-being is at the heart of what we do, and we seek to foster a culture of associates who have high levels of well-being. While the company has always offered resources to associates, we sought a way to make it more cohesive.

Blue Yonder launched the BY Wellbeing program this year to help provide mental health and wellness resources to associates in various ways. The program centers around Global Wellbeing Champions and their efforts to connect us to resources centered around four key pillars that go beyond physical or mental health: Mind, Body, Security, and Purpose. These pillars, which also tie into our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and Diversity, Inclusion, Value & Equality (DIVE) initiatives, help deliver stability and practices for self-compassion and self-care. We want to ensure we can all look at well-being from a holistic level and encourage a focus within.

The Global Wellbeing Champions, who are passionate and dedicated to advocating well-being across Blue Yonder, keep wellness central to our associate’s success. These champions work across the globe on various projects centered around our BY Wellbeing pillars while also amplifying the resources and opportunities available for our associates.

The BY Wellbeing team kicked off the program in April with DIVE blog posts on Global Volunteer Month; introduced BYCares, our volunteering and charity initiative; and emphasized Stress Awareness Month.

In May, the team continued efforts that centered around Mental Health Awareness Month. Mental health should be a priority and it ties across all 4 pillars. The programming for the month offered associates a chance to recognize and focus on their mental health while prioritizing their self-care. Offerings for the month were easily accessible to associates, including speakers, internal meditation sessions, Time to Talk sessions, article/resource library, volunteerism (#BYCares), meditation apps, and more.

One of the speakers in May was Laura Murphy, a registered specialist, Mental Health Occupational Therapist, and coach specializing in sleep study. Laura’s passion came from her own experiences of overcoming sleep difficulties over the years, so she speaks from a place of knowledge, understanding, and compassion. With over a decade of experience, she is now focusing on using her studies to help people understand more about sleep, recognize the benefits of sleep, what can hinder good sleep, and ways to create healthy habits to reap healthy rewards.

Blue Yonder is committed to helping others improve their well-being by providing information, behaviors, and methods to help alleviate mental burnout, stress, or disruption. This event and future events from BY Wellbeing intend to continue to foster a culture of associates who can function at their most productive states. By investing in ourselves, we can invest in fulfilling our potential. 

Do you have a well-being program or initiative and would like to collaborate with our internal team or share best practices? Reach out to