Part-four of the Executive Exchange video series from JDA introduces us to Alex Guerrero of Walmart Mexico, who shares his vision for digital transformation at Walmart. As Alex explains, it’s digital transformation that will evolve work culture and it’s this component that will impact both customer service and internal operations alike. Combined with predictive data and powerful intelligence gathered by JDA for Walmart, Alex shares his forward-thinking thoughts on what the future of business at Walmart looks like. Explore more in the video below.


Walmart has been proactive in improving their processes, yet they have not been able to do this alone. With JDA, however, they continue to meet the wants and needs of their customers and employees alike. Embracing digital transformation has made this happen and will continue to make this happen. Explore other executive insight on how JDA has helped various companies achieve their goals as part of an eight-part Executive Exchange video series hosted by JDA ICON reporter Sarah Barnes-Humphrey. For videos you may have missed, see below.

Visit the blog next Tuesday for part five of our Executive Exchange Series. We’ll speak with Lenzing’s Robert Van De Kerkhof about digital transformation and sustainability.