Perhaps the next biggest step after our initial rebrand announced February 11, is the launch of our completely revisioned website which debuted this week. I’m very proud to share the new public face for Blue Yonder!

This new website was a tremendous collaboration between the marketing, product, and IT teams to deliver a modern, clean and intelligent design. Our website is at the forefront of our new brand look, feel and voice, which boldly delineates our future ahead as Blue Yonder. Our site now also offers simplified navigation, messaging and solutions.  Throughout the website, our Plus symbol iconography – which is a symbol of intelligent connections and business insights we provide our customers and partners – is the anchor that ties each page together.

Through UX research, testing and stakeholder surveys, we have optimized the visitor experience based on key findings from that research:

  • A clean, focused approach to navigation
  • Consistent, concise and contextualized messaging
  • Better performance, page speed and backend usability

Ingrained across the site we showcase how Blue Yonder delivers value to our customers via updated case studies, SME videos, and other short content. We also highlight our culture, values and why we are a Glassdoor Best Place to Work. This redesign now lays the foundation for further site personalization, localization and chat on to better deliver more contextualized experiences to our customers, prospects and new hires alike.

Take a tour of our new website as we introduce the new Blue Yonder to you, with our tagline “Fulfill your potential,” our mission, “to empower every person and organization on the planet to fulfill their potential,” and our vision, “Reduce the waste, energy and costs required to power global commerce, accelerating economic prosperity and global sustainability,” are proliferated throughout.

The new also highlights our elevated approach to our award-winning Luminate portfolio representing all Blue Yonder solutions spanning planning, retail, logistics, and platform:

  • Luminate Planning – improve supply/demand forecasts, product availability and inventory levels
  • Luminate Retail – create optimal space, assortment, pricing, promotions and labor plans
  • Luminate Logistics – fully optimized labor, distribution and fulfillment of inventory and goods
  • Luminate Platform – End-to-end visibility, orchestration and control powered by AI/ML

As you browse the new site, I invite you to:

Visit today!