Blue Yonder has 37 Special Interest Group (or SIGs) with 4,900+ members from more than 1,400 companies that are committed to helping you get the most out of your investment in Blue Yonder solutions. 

Our SIG Mission: to foster an environment where active participation maximizes your company’s investment in Blue Yonder solutions and enables you to grow both personally and professionally through collaboration with other supply chain professionals. 

Check out what some of our members have shared with us about the benefits they’ve received from being a part of the community.

Dave Roach, Partner & Productivity Engineer, John Lewis & Partners – SIG Member and Community MVP:

“The SIGs from Blue Yonder are an invaluable tool for us, the end users. They are a great place to share experiences and ideas, ask questions from more experienced users or just to get a different perspective of how the products are utilized in other environments.  The SIGs are truly community driven with 45% of the posts and comments being created by customers rather than Blue Yonder. 

Not only is it a place to seek answers or information, it’s a great place to actually influence features to be included in future releases of the solutions. We, the SIG users get to vote on future potential features, also a great many features bought into the solutions have been suggested by end users in the communities. Once these enhancements have been included, we get a first look at the new design (through regular SIG calls) before release, this is an invaluable tool for giving guidance on when is best to move towards a newer version.”

Paul Munson, Forecasting and Planning Manager, Marks and Spencer – SIG Member:

“I joined the SIG group to get a better understanding of how other customers get around other Blue Yonder Problems or things we think are designed badly or not with our vision in mind. It’s also really useful to see what problems other customers are facing either in newer version when considering upgrades or in other parts of the system we may not have yet noticed yet. It’s been good to build a relationship with some key members where we can have a call every now and again to ask how they deal with certain scenarios. The community has also opened up conversation with some of the developers in terms of future Product enhancements and the development path, particularly for things we are looking to do in the future like cross site scheduling.”

Bob Wylie, Master Lock Company – SIG Member:

“I benefit from the WMS SIG in several ways. First is the depth of knowledge of others that have worked with the WMS over the years is an invaluable resource for finding solutions to issues. I also benefit from the Quarterly meetings getting the latest release news, and features.”

Tom Diefendorf, Space Planning Analyst, Prime-Line Products – SIG Member:

“The Space Planning SIG is a great community of Space Planning users who have been very generous in sharing their knowledge and experience. In particular, their sharing of various tables, highlights, formulas, etc… which they have devised to solve their own unique problems have been very helpful to me as I have used modified them to solve my own unique issues.”

Quote from Romana Drzewiecka, Functional Consultant, HlT – Kody Kreskowe lglewscy Spółka Jawna – SIG Member:

“It is an additional knowledge base for me.”

Denise Sabo, Ralph Lauren – Blue Yonder Users Group President and SIG Member:

“Being a part of the Blue Yonder Special Interest Group organization is an incredible opportunity to collaborate and network with amazing people globally.  As a SIG member, I have direct access to the product management team and provide significant input in the roadmaps of Blue Yonder solutions.” 

SIG community members are currently taking advantage of all its benefits. If you are a Blue Yonder customer and not a member of a SIG Community, I urge you to join one today and discover the power of collaboration through communities yourself.  If you are already a member, please take advantage of our strong communities for knowledge and support as we navigate through these changing times together. 

Join and learn more here. Make sure you download the Blue Yonder Connections mobile app – enabling you to stay engaged with the SIG Community anytime, anywhere!