We recently sat down with Himanshu Agarwal, Sr. Director of Learning at Development at Blue Yonder, to ask him about celebrating Holi, the Festival of Colors. Here’s what he had to say.

Q: Would you tell us a little about Holi?

A: Holi is actually a series of vibrant celebrations that takes place over two days, and it involves dancing, singing, eating and playfully throwing powdered colors and water at friends, family and even strangers. It originated in a few Hindu legends, but it has transcended into a cultural holiday that’s celebrated all across India, South Asia and the world.

Holi is celebrated to honor love, renewal, and the arrival of spring.

Q: When is Holi celebrated?

A: Since it is connected to lunar and solar cycles and based on the Hindu calendar, Holi takes place on a different date each year. This year the holiday officially began on March 7 and ended March 8, but I’ve seen the celebrations at different points all over the world.

Q: What is your favorite Holi memory?

A: My Holi days in Bengaluru, since 2011, have been a quaint family affair that’s more about rituals, prayers, Gujiyas (sweets), savories, Thandai (a traditional milk based drink), greetings and gratefulness. I’m happy that I am able to support my Mom and Granny in keeping our family traditions alive.

Q: How did you celebrate Holi this year?

A: This year’s Holi festivities for me were low key, but still a celebration. The night before Holi, Holika Dahan, we offered prayers at the holy pyre and then ate a special home-cooked meal. The next day was about offering color at the altar at home and touching the feet of my Granny and Mom to seek their blessings. Then I spent the rest of the holiday calling and messaging friends and relatives on WhatsApp!

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