The future of work is an ever-evolving landscape, especially how it is being shaped by technology. This year’s Workday Rising Conference was packed with insights on the impact of innovations in AI and ML. 

This year’s conference theme was The Future of Work. I was honored to share a stage with Dan Cohen, CIO and Director of Operations at The Amenity Collective; Chandler Morse, VP of Public Policy at Workday; and Marc Weintraub, Sr. Director, Product Marketing at Workday. Our session was called “AI Is the Ultimate Level Up: Latest Research Shows What Business Leaders Are Doing with It.” What an outstanding opportunity for me to talk about employees, skills and the opportunities that AI will bring!

Nathalie sharing her insights on the Workday Rising Conference panel

It is clear that AI is reshaping how we work, allowing workers to be more efficient and effective and giving them the chance to focus more on the creative and value-added components of their roles – emphasizing human capabilities. Skills development will not only focus on the technology skills, but we will also need to further emphasize creativity and critical thinking.  AI will change how work is done – and the skills needed.

As an HR community we have responsibility to understand the relationship between AI and our workplaces, address the potential risk and help drive an environment that is productive but also keeps the human in the loop. How we keep the potential bias mitigation, ethical dilemmas and legal and regular compliance at the forefront is important – but equally important will be how we use this technology for good for our customers, our employees and our communities.

Blue Yonder is embracing new technologies like generative AI for both our associates and for our customers. You can learn more about how we see the future of generative AI for our customers in a recent blog post we shared.

For our associates, is so important to democratize access to learning and development opportunities in the AI and ML space. It’s not just the coders who need to understand it, it’s everybody in your organization. Opening up learning and development gives much greater access to development and opportunities for associates, if that’s something they have in their toolkit.

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