We’re excited to have you as a sponsor. What excites you most about ICON 2022?

We are excited to discuss the latest innovations in supply chain transformation for the digital future with Blue Yonder and many EY clients. We are also excited to hear from the presenters that Blue Yonder has organized for this important conference. In addition, EY professionals are eager to demonstrate the latest supply chain technology innovations at our booth.

Tell us about the value you bring to customers through the Blue Yonder collaboration.

Ernst and Young LLP and Blue Yonder are improving supply chains for the digital future. Today’s companies need highly responsive and flexible supply chains with strong planning, merchandising, warehouse and transportation management capabilities, robust underlying technology, and high degrees of integration. In addition, recent EY surveys show that the market is pressing companies and supply chains to move faster than ever before. With the pace of change, supply chains must be able to turn on a dime. The EY collaboration with Blue Yonder is delivering supply chain solutions that help clients to support their supply chain strategies and digital transformation initiatives. Together, EY and Blue Yonder use applications, strategies, and solutions to help companies effect fundamental change to improve performance, increase agility and create competitive advantage.

What is the most exciting thing you are working on right now?

Among other things, the EY organization is working to support EY customers as they build digital, autonomous, resilient supply chains of the future to meet the new world realities. This includes leveraging emerging technologies, such as control towers and digital twins, which compliment data analytics for more informed decision-making. Increasingly, customers need to build a strategic roadmap to a networked ecosystem of suppliers, alliances, customers, and firms producing complementary products. This transformation agenda that we are working on with EY clients to balance sustainability, resilience and agility with cost and speed in mind. In this context, EY teams are helping the customers develop sustainable models — such as supporting diverse sourcing as a social and business imperative — to help drive supply chain resiliency as well as support ESG goals.

Tell us about the solutions and content you’ll be showcasing at the conference this year.

EY teams will be demonstrating many digital capabilities at the ICON conference. For example, we will be demonstrating a few of our accelerators such as Tariff management tool, Freight settlement automation application, Automated application testing system, and Analytical engine with implementation value tracker.

In addition, EY teams and a client will present a session about going through an end-to-end supply chain transformation. These types of transformations often include technology deployment, major data conversions, integration to multiple ERPs and banners, business process improvements and more. Another session between EY teams and a client will feature a session about their domestic and international transformation journey to create an industry differentiator.