One of our Blue Yonder Core Values is Teamwork. Teamwork is defined as: ”The collaborative work done by many with each doing a part to achieve a common goal.” At Blue Yonder we define it simply as: We candidly and respectfully collaborate. Blue Yonder’s Special Interest Group (SIG) communities are a great example of this Core Value. 

Blue Yonder SIG Communities connect over 1,400 companies and 4,900 members worldwide in meetings and online communities. The SIG Communities are a place where you can meet with your peers who might be facing some of the same supply chain challenges and issues.  They are a place to network with other people who are using the same products in the same industry– a place to learn from each other and a place where we can all grow, both personally and professionally, together. 

Here are some of the SIG Community benefits:

  • Connecting with Industry Leaders: Customers worldwide are engaging with our communities every day by posting relevant industry news, sharing new ideas, and asking questions about our solutions. Having hundreds of leaders engaged in a platform designed to promote collaboration allows for the opportunity to build valuable relationships with others. 
  • Expanding Knowledge: Although we are still not all together in one place, our customer communities have the ability to serve as a platform where information, ideas, and feedback can be transmitted in a matter of seconds. Expand your horizons and continue learning from others with different ideas and experiences that could benefit you and your organization.  

I’ve worked with the Special Interest Groups for a number of years and it’s not only a great place to build your network but also a place to build lasting relationships and friendships.  Here are a few statements I’ve heard over the years:

  • “You get out of it what you put in.” One of our members once told me that if she encountered a software or process issue in the past and could help another SIG member avoid that, she would welcome the chance.
  • “If you don’t take advantage of a SIG, you’re leaving money on the table.” One of the benefits of your active subscription or maintenance agreement is to be able to join a SIG Community.  Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from other members and to share your ideas with them – together we can make the supply chain – and the world! – a better place! 
  • “You get to meet a lot of interesting people.” I’ve had the opportunity to meet with people from around the world.  I’ve learned about their supply chain challenges and also about them and their culture – plus I’ve gotten some great travel tips! 

In addition to joining a SIG Community, I’d also encourage you to download Blue Yonder Connections, our SIG Community mobile app. Learn more and download it here. It’s a great way to stay in touch anytime anywhere – in your living room, in your back yard, waiting for your grocery pickup with contactless delivery, and from your workplace, if you’re a frontline worker that goes into work.  It’s a powerful tool that we hope everybody will download and use. 

I encourage all Blue Yonder customers and partners to get engaged today.  Learn more here