Teamwork allows us to understand that we are different. You get to know a bit about different points of view, experiences that people face, even a plethora of traditions, likes, and dislikes. That’s something I discovered when I joined Blue Yonder.

A year ago, I started to work as a technical analyst in Monterrey. This meant the beginning of a new chapter in my life, starting off by living alone, full of responsibilities and a new job in a different state. This set of experiences set off emotions that were truly vibrant in me. And even though it was the beginning of a new adventure which filled up my heart with joy, I was also terrified about being myself among my colleagues; a woman working in a male-dominated company; a liberal thinker and a member of the LGBT community. I just kept wondering whether that could lead to an awkward situation. Fortunately, my fears were unfounded.

My team consists of around 20 people. Within it, I found great diversity in many aspects, but more importantly, I learned that diversity can indeed create a better team.

Our team consists of people from different parts of Mexico such as Mexico City, Guanajuato, Tamaulipas, Jalisco, Nuevo Leon, among others. In fact, the team also includes people from all around the world such as Colombia and India. Our cuisine language, and culture are shared daily. It’s a way for us to bond even further.

As part of the same diversity, the team has many religions such as Catholicism, Christianity, and Hinduism. Some members are also atheists, but whether you profess a religion or not, you’re always welcome to celebrate those festivities which you feel like joining.

Although many people would consider that generational gaps could sometimes lead to a problem, it’s not the case at all. In fact, it’s been considerably favorable since we all have a variety of experiences and knowledge that are shared in a respectful manner. I’ve even been able to experience the excitement of a soon-to-be mother from the eyes of my colleagues.

With all this diversity within the team, it’s important to always be respectful towards each member, despite the differences inside and outside of the office. For example, one of the little actions we take to maintain this respect is to include every food constraint into consideration whenever we’re gathering for lunch. For those with allergies, or sensitivities or preferences, this is important. As another example, when planning activities, we also adjust our schedules so that they match everyone’s schedules as much as possible, such as parents who may need to work around their children’s schedules.

Every day we learn something new about things that matter to our colleagues such as sexual preference, health challenges, gender issues, and political views, among others. I’ve seen my colleagues come and go for different reasons, whether personal or professional growth, each one has been unique. However, friendship doesn’t stop there. Decisions are always accepted and respected, no matter what.

Our differences make us unique; by accepting them we create an environment where everyone feels safe, heard and respected. After all, cherishing our individuality makes us better.