Today’s supply landscape is radically unlike what it was even at the beginning of the year. In the face of an unprecedented crisis of global proportions, what became clear in the supply chain landscape is the unstoppable growth of e-commerce.

The new world of retail requires strategic solutions that strengthens choice and flexibility in the supply chain process for customers. The velocity of change means that effective, modern commerce strategies are driven by the supply chain and customer-driven fulfillment strategies. To address today’s e-commerce needs, Blue Yonder is pleased to announce the acquisition of Yantriks to enable companies to integrate all their supply chain assets to deliver a differentiated experience to their customers right from the start of the shopping journey.

Blue Yonder’s Luminate Retail solutions offering now evolves to Luminate Commerce, encompassing all areas of the commerce experience including inventory, space, pricing, workforce and store operations. Luminate Commerce drives the conveniences modern consumers expect in order to remain loyal to a brand.

From click to collect, Luminate Commerce delivers real-time visibility and actionable insights to source, promise and fulfill orders while being able to deliver a differentiated shopping experience to end consumers. It can also be leveraged to optimally plan to deliver on the following capabilities to profitably fulfill consumer demand:

  • Real-time inventory visibility: provide retailers the ability to make real-time sourcing and order promising decisions, based on inventory across the network, predict daily and intra-day customer orders across every channel and source customer orders. 
  • Omni-channel fulfillment: deliver the right product, at the right price and time, to the customers’ channel of choice with the ability to orchestrate the pick, pack and ship process and fulfill customer orders from a store, micro fulfillment center, dark store or distribution center.
  • Reimagined, personalized consumer experiences: predict accurate customer order status, pickup/drop off availability and enable “click-to-get” e-commerce with inventory availability and fulfillment capabilities, prescriptive workflows, and integration to a network of last mile providers.

Constantly changing paradigms means the supply chain, from the systems businesses use to communicate and interact, to the strategies they deploy to move goods around the world must be reconfigured and reimagined. As many businesses move to unify platforms to deliver differentiated consumer experiences, Blue Yonder is excited to deliver new capabilities for retailers, consumer products, and e-commerce companies. Learn more here.