As back to school rolls around across the globe, we are celebrating National School Picture Day in the U.S., which takes place the second Thursday of September! School photos are a rite of passage, they capture our journey into adulthood. Looking at these photos gives us a glimpse of a moment in time. We thought it might be fun to share childhood photos of our Executive Leadership team and have them share what they thought they wanted to be when they grew up.

Duncan Angove, CEO: «I wanted to be an astronaut.»

Ed Auriemma, Chief Operating Officer: «I wanted to be a structural engineer who designed and built bridges.»

Nathalie Carruthers, Chief Associate Success Officer: «I wanted to be a veterinarian.»

Darren Saumur, President, Customer Success and Cloud: «I wanted to be a Rockstar or a Lawyer (even though I didn’t know what a lawyer did).»

Rebecca Collins, General Counsel: «I wanted to be a veterinarian.»

Corey Tollefson, Chief Revenue Officer: “I wanted to be a baseball player as a kid.
Now, I just want to be Darren Saumur someday.»