Welcome to our monthly series where we give you the scoop on five things you may have missed in supply chain news. You can also catch the full rundown from our Blue Yonder Live video:

1. The White House is asking for 24/7 operations

The White House announced they’re working with the Port of Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles to up their operations to 24/7, nearly double their previous operations. The White House also announced they’ve asked FedEx, UPS and Walmart to work toward operating 24/7 to help the enormous backlog of goods at the ports.

2There’s a champagne shortage looming

Another perfect storm is brewing in the supply chain, and this time it’s champagne. First came a rough couple of growing years, then sales tanked during the early pandemic, and then this spring came the frost, rain, mildew and hail. With the holiday season upon and us and more people getting together to celebrate, you better grab your favorite bottle now.

3. Thanksgiving 2021: the year of substitutions

Last year, there was a shortage of small turkeys for our small- and medium-size Thanksgiving gatherings. But this year, the holidays are back, and we’re hearing about potential shortages of everything on the dinner table. From whipped topping, liquid gravy, all types of pies, and turkeys of all sizes — this is the year to shop early but also be prepared to accept substitutions for anything.

4. Don’t wait for big Black Friday deals

With holiday gifts stuck on container ships, and then the labor shortages at every stage of the supply chain — holiday shopping is going to be a mess. Supply chain experts say the shopping season has already officially begun, and you should start right now. If you wait for Black Friday deals, you’re likely to come up short on all accounts. There likely won’t be many promotions and you won’t get the gifts you want.

5. The Halloween shortage was scary

Spooky Season means carving pumpkins, handing out candy and fashioning over-the-top costumes — except it didn’t arrive on time. Where is it? On a boat in the logjam on the West Coast, and even the White House executive order couldn’t help get it to your store in time.So, what happens when it all finally arrives? Retailers must balance the cost of either storing it until next year or offering massive discounts. Find out more about the Halloween supply chain shortage and why it might be a precursor to the rest of the holiday season.

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