As the world is becoming more omni-channel, digital enablement is becoming more and more pervasive. In addition, consumers are raising their levels of expectation when it comes to the buying experience. B2B companies are not excluded from this expectation. A new generation of B2B buyers now demand the ease and accessibility to omni-channel shopping options in their professional lives in addition to their lives as consumers. Yet, many B2B companies don’t know if, how, or where to start their digital commerce transformation journey.  

Many B2B companies don’t realize that it isn’t as complicated as they might think.  Technology exists today that can work with a company’s existing systems, allowing for incremental steps to be taken to achieve meaningful outcomes. 

Digital Commerce 360 B2B recently released a report on “Boosting Sales with Tech Integration” where they interviewed Blue Yonder’s Kevin Reese, Corporate Vice President, Commerce, to discuss how B2B companies can elevate their business by using a smart rollout of modern digital commerce. Kevin shares detailed guidance on:

  • What challenges do B2B companies face as they try to boost their sales?
  • How well are B2B companies embracing digital commerce as a whole?
  • What can B2B companies do to overcome these issues?
    • B2B companies need to understand where their customers and the market are going and how to leverage modern technologies in conjunction with the investments they have made to-date to match that vision and direction.

Download the full Digital Commerce 360 B2B Boosting Sales with Tech Integration Report and accelerate your digital commerce transformation journey.