I am an avid lover of cinema and television. I picked up our family’s VHS camcorder early on and never looked back, creating homemade movies and marveling at what I would watch on our tiny television growing up.

Recently, a show I have come to quickly love has been “The Bear” which is about, a young fine-dining chef named Carmy, who comes home to Chicago to run his family’s sandwich shop. The series is intense, and not always for the faint of heart or those that may struggle with anxiety. It often accurately depicts the intensity of working in a restaurant and complex family dynamics. However, it is also at times heart-warming and powerful.

A common phrase shared during its recent second season is “Every Second Counts.” It’s used not only as a reinforcement for efficiency in the kitchen as a team, but also as reassurance of purpose. Lately, it’s been a driving force for me both personally and professionally.

It can be easy to catch myself sitting back and not realizing how much time has gone by; or forget what the defined purpose is in a specific task. As I sit down every morning and ponder what the day may hold, I am reminded that “Every Second Counts.”

Sometimes, that may mean rest. Sometimes that may mean innovation. It may mean re-reading/replying to an email, or quickly calling a colleague or family member. But it always means something. „Every Second Counts“ doesn’t mean you need to be productive all the time. Instead, it calls us to be mindful of how we spend our time. For example, sometimes giving ourselves rest today is necessary for a greater tomorrow.

Several years ago, I attended a leadership conference in Chicago, and a simple statement one of the speakers made has resonated with me ever since. They said: “You make time for what YOU value.” Yet, I sometimes find myself defending what is important to me more often through words than through my own schedule.

Occasionally taking an inventory of how we spend our time is critical to ensure that how we spend our time is aligned with what is most important to us. At times, that may mean making some adjustments to our schedule, or some adjustments to our perspective.

As we enter the new year, a key thing I will be focused on is scheduling time for what is most important to me – while also encouraging myself and those around me to never doubt how powerful every second is. Whether it’s having a rest day or putting extra effort into a project. There is always purpose and there is always potential, regardless of how complex or simple the task may be. #EverySecondCounts