In July 2017 we tried something a little different with our Supply Chain Nation blog.  With a goal of shining a light on women in technology and supply chain we launched Wednesdays for Women, exploring the career journeys of amazing women within and outside of Blue Yonder, and sharing point-of-view pieces discussing workplace issues, juggling work and family, mentorship, career advancement and more. It quickly became one of our most read blogs each week. Both women and men told us the stories we shared inspired, informed and at times provided a blueprint for navigating career and workplace challenges.

Wednesdays for Women was rewarding for those of us who contributed to it. Each week it was the work we did that didn’t feel like work.  And now, three years and 135 blogs later, we are retiring this award winner to make room for something new.

As a result, I’m pleased to introduce DIVE IN, a new blog focused on diversity, inclusion, value and equality (DIVE). DIVE IN picks up where Wednesdays for Women leaves off, expanding the scope to examine a broader set of issues related to building a more diverse and inclusive workplace – at Blue Yonder, in supply chain and in the world of technology overall.

This new blog will allow us to actively practice two of our core values – empathy and relentless. We will employ empathy by listening carefully to the experiences and perspectives of others, taking a walk in their shoes to fully understand their journeys, and by addressing topics that may be uncomfortable – but necessary – to discuss. And we will be relentless in our desire to learn, change and grow as we expand our knowledge and strive to build a workplace and world where everyone feels comfortable and can succeed.

We are certain there is no better time than now to take this step. We pledge to be open-minded and respectful in our exploration of the issues that many companies wrestle with. And as always, we welcome your ideas and feedback as we DIVE IN to this new initiative!