Suraj Thite is a Senior Functional Architect at Blue Yonder and he lives in India. A random office conversation changed his life and gave him the tool to express himself. He shares his journey to becoming an urban sketch artist with us.

I have been an art enthusiast since I was kid. I have been actively participating in some form of art and it has always been my passion. Working in the corporate world and following ones passion can often feel like a trade-off. While I’ve tried to manage it, I’ve often felt it lacked the channel. Then one day, one of my colleagues, who is also an art lover, suggested I try an international group called „Urban Sketchers,“ a group of individuals who gather to sketch their city.

Little did I know that this conversation would offer me a way to express my work of art in a channelized way.
Urban sketching is a practice of drawing the cityscape and the built environment in which we live. It is often done outdoors, on location, and is a way to capture the feeling and atmosphere of a place. Urban sketchers aim to record the life and energy of the city, and often work quickly to capture the essence of a scene before it changes. The drawings produced as a result are often done in a loose, expressive style, and can be created using a variety of media, including pencil, pen, and watercolors. Many urban sketchers also use sketchbooks or journals to document their observations and experiences of the city.

Author Suraj Thite urban sketching

I had experienced many moments during sketching wherein, I got to meet people and even got the opportunity to sketch them and listen to their stories. Sketching has also been of huge help in connecting with people. Everyday mundane places and things can be best expressed in a beautiful way telling a unique story through art. 

I have been sketching in Pune City, India, where I live, for three years now and have been part of a handful of exhibitions. I am also selling my art and proudly call myself a professional artist.

That one conversation and my actions have taught me several lessons. First, „just try.” I overcame my inner demon of fear of judging by others and went for my inner mission to pursue art in some form. Second, we can pursue our passion even if we are working full-time jobs. Trust me when I say this will remove any boredom in the life. And last, without sounding too cliche, dreams come true, and one will find a purpose in life when we simply try. 

Check out Suraj’s art on his Instagram.